Are you ready for summer camp?

“This year is set to be an amazing adventure. We will be spending 5 days, 4 nights at Macleay Conference and Retreat Center in Salem, Oregon. Macleay is a state of the art retreat facility which will provide an incredible experience for all our youth campers. Macleay boasts quality recreational facilities including a large indoor gym and rec. facility, billiards, pingpong, frisbee golf, volleyball, swimming pool and hot tub AND very comfortable dorms to get all your beauty sleep!

Beyond the facilities, there is nothing that compares with our youth faith meetings. Surrounded by great friends (whether you are bringing some or you meet them there), the youth services will be an incredible combination of soul refreshing worship followed by an inspirational and empowering message”.

From the Directors
Brad Paice
Jonathan Lewellyn


What to bring…

• Bible and notebook – You will need this for our meetings in the morning and evening. Notetakers are world changers.

• Summer clothing and accessories – Clothes to get wet and soapy,  a towel or two and some sunscreen.

• Swimsuit – Keeping in mind your setting, wear what you are normally comfortable wearing to the lake, beach or pool.

• A queen size fitted sheet, sleeping bag and pillow – Lodging is made up of both queen and single beds which require a fitted sheet by Oregon health and safety laws.

• Medications – These will need to be submitted to camp staff and will be administered by the camp nurse when needed. This helps keep medication in the right hands.

• Special dietary needs – Unfortunately, the campsite does not specifically accommodate for all special dietary needs. You may be able to choose certain foods from the family buffet style menu. Every accommodation building has a fridge and small kitchen which can be utilized for storing and heating special food. Please speak to your local youth pastor about any concerns you may have.

• Spending money – The camp store has drinks, coffee, swag and snacks which will be open at certain times throughout the day.
• Camera – If you want to create photo memories go ahead and bring a camera! (keep in mind cell phones and other electronics will not be allowed and will be confiscated if seen).
• Skateboard or scooter – Wheels will make it easier to get around. Please ensure you bring appropriate protective equipment. 


What not to bring…


• A bad attitude – Even though the camp and its facilities are amazing, if you’re not willing to have a good time you likely won’t. Come prepared to have a great time! 

• Cell phones & electronics – Camp has a “no cell phone” policy. This does not mean you’re unable to bring a camera – just as long as it is not also a cell phone. IMPORTANT NOTE – If you do bring valuables of any kind, it is possible they will be misplaced in the flurry of camp. Don’t bring anything that you fear will be lost.

• Unauthorized medications – Appropriate medication will need to be submitted on arrival. 

• Weapons or explosives of any kind – No knives, slingshots, fireworks, etc, of any kind. We want you all to go home in one piece and if they are found in your possession, home you will go.

• Anything else that is inappropriate – Let’s just cover anything else that might be distracting, harmful, dangerous or disrespectful to you or anyone else. If in doubt, leave it out – this includes any devices used for smoking – lighters, vape pens etc.

• Anyone not on the list – For the safety of all campers, North Pacific Camp is a closed campus – meaning if you are not on the list, you will not be permitted past check in.

• One final thing – Lets keep camp for God and friends. Please, no canoodling with that special guy or girl … no matter how tempting it may be.

Tent City!

Brand new to North Pacific Camp this year is the addition of tent city! This is sure to be a fun experience for any camper who chooses this style of lodging. Campers wishing to take advantage of this will need to bring their own tent (max 4 person size) and bedding. They are permitted to stay in the tent alone, or share their tent with up to two other friends (max 3 per tent).